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For Patients

Expert Care When You Are Hospitalized

At Academic Internal Medicine Specialists (AIMS), we understand that being admitted to the hospital is a trying time for patients and their families. We're here to help. Our staff of physicians is specially trained to treat the complex needs of adult patients who are sick or recovering from surgery in the hospital. Working as a partner with your Primary Care Physician, AIMS provides 24/7 delivery of hospital medical care. You'll have someone who knows the hospital system on your side, securing the best care for you.

We work in conjunction with other specialists recommended by your Primary Care Physician to provide the testing, diagnosis and treatment you need while in the hospital.

During and after your hospital visit AIMS physicians keep in constant contact with your doctor. That way your doctor can be ready to continue your care after you are discharged. With personal attention and clear communication, AIMS physicians provide the high-quality patient care you need to recover quickly.

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For Physicians

A Trusted Partner in Inpatient Care

As one of the largest hospitalist groups in southeast Michigan, AIMS is completely committed to around-the-clock onsite care by internists at hospitals throughout the area.

Because we are solely a hospitalist practice, discharged patients are always returned to your care. We communicate promptly with your office at admission, change of status and with a full discharge report. To help keep you completely informed, these reports are available with our real-time electronic documentation available through a secure portal on this website or by fax.

At AIMS, we are committed to providing the attention and expertise necessary to ensure the patient's full and quick recovery.

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Meet Our Staff

  • Feldman

    Marc Feldman, MD, FACP
    Vice President/Operations

  • Munasinghe

    Rajika Lasitha Munasinghe, MD, MS, FACP
    Vice President/Finance

  • Essani

    Shazia Essani, MD
    Sinai-Grace Hospital Staff

  • Jones

    Sandra A. Jones-Lackey, MD
    Sinai-Grace Hospital Staff

  • Krishnamoorthy

    Geetha Krishnamoorthy, MD
    Sinai-Grace Hospital Staff

  • Lackey

    Lawrence S. Lackey, Jr., MD, FACP
    Sinai-Grace Hospital Staff

  • Misra

    Preeti Misra, MD
    St. Mary Mercy Livonia Staff