Supporting Research Efforts

In addition to placing a strong emphasis on clinical medicine and teaching, AIMS physicians recognize the value of medical research in advancing medical care.

AIMS President Mohamed Siddique, M.D., has championed several community outreach programs for chronic disease management and was the principal investigator for a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to study the disparities in healthcare for minority patients with congestive heart failure and acute myocardial infarction. As a follow-up to the completion of the first study, Sinai-Grace Hospital was awarded a second grant for developing best nursing care practices for the same conditions.

When working with hospital administrators to establish Center of Excellence status for medical departments, AIMS staff rely heavily on evidence-based medicine, strongly supported by the latest in medical research, to develop procedures and protocols.

As part of their teaching responsibilities, AIMS staff members are actively involved in resident research activities. Faculty members conduct courses on clinical epidemiology, statistics and evidence-based medicine. They also mentor individual residents through all stages of research, including hypothesis development, literature review, study design, statistics, reviewing and editing.

Residents are required to develop at least one case report or research project for presentation at regional and national meetings of the American College of Physicians (ACP). These research projects are also presented at events such as the Sinai-Grace Research Day held annually.

Two AIMS board members, Dr. Siddique and Dr. Munasinghe, have won awards from the Michigan Chapter of the ACP for their efforts on resident research competitions.