Privacy Policy

AIMS Patient Confidentiality and Website Privacy Policies

At AIMS we understand, acknowledge and respect each individual’s right to privacy and security of their personal, confidential information. AIMS has established the following policies regarding its website ( to protect the privacy of website visitors.

The AIMS website has been developed by AIMS, 28411 Northwestern Highway, Suite 1050, Southfield, MI 48034, 248-354-4709. To comment on these policies or any other website issues, send email to

Information Collected

General website users can access all of the public areas of our website at any time without providing personal information. We do not collect information that would personally identify you unless you choose to provide it via user-initiated email.

AIMS may collect non-personal information such as domain name, IP address and cookies.

AIMS operates two password-protected portals for use by physicians and AIMS personnel. Registration with AIMS is required for use of these sites.

IP Address

An IP address is a number assigned to a computer for accessing the Internet. All computer identification on the Internet is conducted with IP addresses, which allow computers and servers to recognize and communicate with each other. AIMS automatically recognizes IP addresses to conduct system administration and to conduct site analysis. To maintain visitor anonymity, AIMS does not associate IP addresses or domain names with records containing personal information. AIMS does not share this information with any other entities, organizations, businesses or individuals and does not allow the individuals to be identified or contacted.


AIMS may place a file called a "cookie" in the browser files of a computer accessing the AIMS website. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual's hard disk for record-keeping purposes. The AIMS site may use cookies during an online session to confirm that access to its site is authorized and to control certain parameters of the communication session with its site.

You can manage the use of cookies or delete cookies at any time. Use the “help” menu on most Internet browsers to disable cookies or prevent their use. Doing so may slow, inactivate or change your browser’s functionality on certain sites.

The only other information AIMS obtains about an individual visitor to its website is information supplied voluntarily by that visitor through visitor-initiated emails to AIMS.


AIMS takes reasonable steps to keep all information received from our online visitors secure against unauthorized access and use. All information is protected by our security measures, which we periodically review and update. We use security technology to protect you during your Internet communications with us. This security includes server authentication, encryption and data integrity. Your personal information is protected from unauthorized access by a secure firewall and security infrastructure. We employ physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to maintain the security of your information.


AIMS will not disclose any personal information about its website visitors to any other entities, organizations or companies. Any personal information provided to AIMS will be treated in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.

Using Email

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please immediately call emergency personnel (911) to get prompt medical attention.  Do not rely on electronic communications or this website for assistance with an immediate, urgent medical need. This website is not designed to facilitate medical emergencies. AIMS cannot guarantee response times if you choose to use this website in the event of a medical emergency.

AIMS provides an email contact for the general public on its website. We use secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to protect the transmission of information you submit to us when you use our secure online forms. All the information you provide us through these forms is stored securely offline. Do not use email to communicate sensitive, confidential or personal health information. Although we make every effort to comply with privacy regulations, there are risks you should consider before using email to communicate with us: email can be circulated, forwarded and stored in numerous paper and electronic files; email can be intercepted, altered, forwarded or used without authorization or detection; backup copies of email may exist even after the sender deletes the email; employers and online services have the right to inspect email transmitted through their systems; email is easier to falsify than handwritten or signed documents; and email can be used to introduce viruses into computer systems. Confidentiality of Internet communications cannot be guaranteed. Use of the Internet is solely at your own risk. So, if your communication includes sensitive information and you prefer not to use one of our secure online complaint forms, contact us by postal mail or telephone rather than email.

Disclaimer of Liability for External Links

To provide visitors with greater value, AIMS may provide links to various third-party websites. AIMS exercises no authority over linked sites, each of which maintains independent privacy and data collection policies and procedures. AIMS assumes no responsibility or liability for these independent sites and is not responsible for the independent policies or procedures of destination sites. Similarly, AIMS cannot take responsibility for the privacy initiatives or the content of such websites. These destination links are provided only as a convenience, and as such, they are accessed at the user's risk. However, AIMS wishes to protect the integrity of the AIMS website and its destination links, so any comments pertaining to the AIMS website or any sites accessed through links would be appreciated.

Trademarks and Copyrights

All trademarks, service marks, logos, copyrights, and copyrighted material, including photographs, images and written content displayed and used in this site are the property of their respective owners. Nothing in this site should be construed as granting any right or license to use any material protected by trademark or copyright without the written permission of the respective owners.

Disclaimer of Warranty of Website

Please note that, by its very nature, a website cannot be absolutely protected against intentional or malicious intrusion attempts. Furthermore, AIMS does not control the devices or computers or the Internet over which you may choose to send confidential personal information and cannot, therefore, prevent such interceptions or compromises to your information while in transit to AIMS.

Therefore, AIMS makes no guarantee as to security, integrity or confidentiality of any information transmitted to or from this website, or stored within this website. Beyond our reasonable care to safeguard your information while in transit, AIMS cannot and does not guarantee the absolute security of electronic communications or transmissions since any transmission made over the Internet by any organization or any individual runs the risk of interception.

In addition, we hereby make no guarantee as to security, integrity or confidentiality of any information transmitted to or from this website, or stored within this website.

Although health information content is reviewed and approved by healthcare professionals, AIMS does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any information and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information.

AIMS does not operate or control the Internet and therefore AIMS does not guarantee that the use of this website will be error free or free of technology downtimes or unavailability. AIMS cannot and does not guarantee against viruses, worms, or other unauthorized users or hackers attempting to obtain access to this website or information transmitted to or from this site.

Limitation of Liability of Website

You assume the sole risk of transmitting your information as it relates to the use of this website, and for any data corruptions, intentional interceptions, intrusions or unauthorized access to information, or of any delays, interruptions to or failures preventing the use this website.

In no event shall AIMS be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or monetary damages, including fees and penalties in connection with your use of materials posted on this site or connectivity to or from this site to any other site. AIMS may change this privacy policy without notice to you.

AIMS also reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue this site, any page, or any functionality on this website at any time and without notice.

HIPAA and Patient Health Information

AIMS does not transmit “Protected Health Information” (PHI) or Individually Identifiable Health Information over its general use website. However, AIMS does transmit PHI over its secure website portals.

AIMS will comply with all requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 (Public Law 104-191). AIMS will also observe all other local, state and federal laws relating to transmission, storage, and access to medical records and other healthcare data.

AIMS will maintain and protect PHI that it receives in connection with electronic health transactions in accordance with HIPAA. Personal information about an individual contained within electronic health transactions, reports and other summaries derived from electronic health transactions, or within administrative information necessary to conduct electronic health transactions, that can be used to identify or contact that individual will be protected by AIMS as PHI in accordance with the requirements and definitions of HIPAA and any implementing regulations.

We may use and share your PHI to provide treatment, obtain payment for your treatment, and perform our healthcare operations, which include management, planning, and activities that improve the quality and lower the cost of the care that we deliver. We may also share PHI with your doctor and other healthcare providers when they need it to provide treatment to you, to obtain payment for the care they give to you, or to perform certain healthcare operations, such as reviewing the quality and skill of health care professionals, or to review their actions in following the law.